Start a Help Others Jar

For a long time now I’ve held the philosophy that it’s not that hard to “give out” to others if you “give up” a little something here-and-there, and a Help Others Jar would help in the mission.

So what can you GIVE UP in order to GIVE OUT? Here are just a few things you could give up and not really miss, and if you set the money aside in a special Help Others Jar, you’ll be ready for when that special someone comes across your path.

  • Starbucks coffee or lattes
  • Dinner or lunch out
  • New clothing (that’s not needed)
  • DVDs or CDs
  • Going out to the movies
  • Pet projects that require $ but aren’t necessary (gardening, sewing, etc.)

A few dollars here and there, and before you know it you’ve got $20 or more to help someone.  Sometimes you can flag some “giving” dollars by just cutting back at the grocery store or buying some generic items versus name brands.  And of course, if you’re one of those people that money really isn’t an issue, then you’re well able to put even more aside in your Help Others Jar.

A wise and kind man once said, “what you do for the least of these, you’ve done for me.”   So take it from Jesus, when you give up some little something in order to GIVE OUT some little something, YOU’VE DONE A BIG SOMETHING!

Any thoughts about this subject?

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Give What You Can, When You Can

I’ve always had a passion for giving to those in need, but even more so in the last decade.  Maybe it’s because I’ve known some hard times myself, or maybe it’s just a softening with age.  Whatever the reason is, I don’t really care, all I know is that it’s made my life a far more enriched experience.

I realize that a lot of people look at the down-and-out and think, “what’s a matter with you.  Pull your boot straps up and get it together.”  Easy to say from a lofty perch, but it’s only a matter of time before that person hits a wall or hard time and finds themselves the one that’s down-and-out.  Roses and rainbows are not an every day, 24-7, year-in-year-out occurrence.  Most of us  will experience a time of lack sooner or later.  Look at Michael Jackson, even he, with all his wealth, entered into financial difficulties.

So my hope is to inspire people to REACH OUT to those less fortunate.  If you have $10 you’re about to spend on a meal out, take that 10-spot and go buy some groceries for someone that you know has a need.  If you don’t know of someone, ask some of your friends if they know anyone, and don’t think for a second that one bag of groceries doesn’t make a difference…because it does.  When you bring your gift to the person, put your arms around them and tell them that you care.  Believe me, that will make a huge difference to them!

Here’s another idea: do you know someone who can’t pay their light bill.  Put as much as you can afford in the pot and take up a collection from friends, family and neighbors to pay their bill.  Word of wisdom: ask them for their bill and go pay it yourself.  Bring the bill back to them after with the payment confirmation.  This gives you two opportunities to tell them you care, and it makes sure the bill is paid.

How about filling someone’s gas tank with gas; someone that has to drive a long ways and has been stuggling.

Whatever you do, do it with a smile and a happy heart. After all, God will repay anyone that gives to the poor and needy.  And of course, I’d love it if you’d share one or more of your stories about the joy of giving (or receiving)!

Let’s keep encouraging one another in the LIFESTYLE of GIVING!

Copyright 2010 Gloria Jean Dewitt

Great resource for the self-taught learner!

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GED Tests (Standardized Tests), High School Tests

When I was in high school (some 30-years-ago) tests were well-written and easy to comprehend. They had the ability to actually and accurately assess a student’s knowledge of the subject or subjects on which they were given. Now, it seems like the sole mission of those who prepare tests is to sabotoge the student and doom them to failure!

Yesterday I was online checking out (and taking) some GED practice tests in order to see what my 17-year-old daughter was going to have to experience when she takes hers. I figured I’d start with my strong-suit, which is English. First off, I was appalled at the spelling and grammatical errors; but what really got me was how poorly each article was written. From run-on sentences, to college-level references and verbiage that caused one’s head to spin, the articles were incredibly hard to comprehend. My reading skills are excellent and I test out at upper college-level, but I found it extremely challenging to figure out the talking points of these articles.

I kept thinking, ‘Gosh, these tests are so different from what I did in high school!’ The standards have changed so radically that high school standards now are what used to be college standards 30-years-ago. I don’t think the human mind has changed that much, and since the drop-out rates per year in the U.S. are well over 6 million students, I think we can conclude that whatever the public school system is doing, it’s failing miserably.

Since my daughter has been home schooled, she didn’t have to jump through a lot of the academic hoops that many kids do. I took a very relaxed approach to her education and let her learn what she was interested in learning. I never looked at her as some container to be stuffed with useless information…I wanted her to have a joy about learning things. Since she was slightly dyslexic it also changed my approach.  That, and the fact that she leaned far more in the direction of creativity versus academics, caused me to greatly alter how I educated her.

If she’d been in the “system” all those years, I’m sure she would have been held back several grades and received the message that she was stupid. Oh how wrong they would have been! She is a brilliant girl with a multitude of talents and a good head on her shoulders. She studies Japanese and has a gift for the language, is a self-taught Anime/Manga artist whose art is already selling, and has an incredible flair for doing business and is already learning how to market herself online. Her reasoning ability is off-the-charts scary, and she frequently opens my eyes to things to where I go, “Wow, how did you figure that out?”

I have to wonder if the standards that we are placing on kids is way beyond attainable. I think back to an episode of Little House on the Prairie, where Laurie Ingalls takes her teaching exam. It was a 2-page exam! Imagine that, in order to be a credentialed teacher in the 20th century you merely had to take a 2-page exam! Since the drop-out rate in this nation is well over 16%, maybe we should assess those standards and question whether they are correct or not.

Am I the only one who thinks that the standards are too high? I’d love to hear some opinions.

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January Almost Over!

It’s so hard to believe that January is almost over, and even more hard to believe that it’s been well over six months since I’ve blogged on WordPress. It’s certainly not because I didn’t have anything to write about…it’s just one of those “wave things.” You know, you go through a wave of spending your spare time on Facebook, or a wave of spending time on Youtube, or a wave of doing other things altogether. For me the latter part of 2009 was spent doing artwork and setting up more online selling venues. I joined Bonanzle, Etsy and Imagekind.

On Bonanzle I created a booth named Creative Cornucopia…it has books, greeting cards, original art, and original ambient music. I kind of enjoyed the process of setting up my Bonanzle booth because they made it easy and almost effortless. But the other thing I liked about Bonanzle is that they don’t charge any insertion fees. A pleasant change compared to ebay (who charges for everything)!

I learned a lot while setting up my various selling venues, including how to create a banner. I never thought that I’d enjoy doing something like creating banners, but I really did. I found a nice site called Puresilva–they made the process affordable and easy. So any of you that are looking for an affordable banner site, Puresilva offers a good value.

I just finished setting up my artwork account on, and I must say I was pretty impressed with how easy they made it. Plus they seem like a class-act that offers great service at fairly affordable prices. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online professional gallery, but I was more than pleased with their services and the ease of setting up my gallery.

It’s funny how fast time slips through our fingers; especially when it comes to working online. This thing that was supposed to save us so much time seems to have created a vacum in which time is sucked up by volumes! I’m not complaining, but I can’t help but notice that humanity has a way of doing that. We create something as a time-saver and ultimately it always ends up being a time-waster (and money drainer).   To name a few: phones, computers, vegetable choppers,  and dish washers.   Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Anyway, I am excited about this New Year, because it holds some hope that I can spend time on creative pursuits now that I’ve got some selling venues set-up. Who knows, I probably will set-up more places to sell my art, but it is far more enjoyable to be creative with pen to paper, than it is placing hand to mouse and keyboard.

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Cyrstallize Your Vision and Move Ahead

Writing a mission statement can really give you clarity for your vision.  It’s like a crystallizing agent…it gives you a “word” to run with.

So what is a mission statement? Well, it’s one sentence that sums up either the reason for your existence (that which you believe you’re called to), or it can clarify a significant goal that you want to achieve.

Mission statements have actually been around for a very long time, but this last century brought them more to the forefront, especially with the Internet.  Everyone who has a “presence” on the Internet seems to have a mission statement.  And I would even go so far as to say that without a mission statement you won’t really complete your mission!  Why? Because it’s the thing that keeps you moving towards a target.

My personal and professional mission statement is this, “My mission is to write poems, articles, and ebooks that will inspire and benefit those that read them.”  It’s short, sweet and to the point!  But I also have a mission statement for the business end of my writing, “My mission is to work a minimum of six hours each day on my writing, and to earn a substantial livelihood from it by doing what I must do to promote my site.”

If you’d like to learn more about how to write a mission statement, go to and click on Freebies.

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A Healthy Answer to Indigestion!

If you’re someone that suffers from indigestion at all, then you might want to consider buying some acidophilus.  The results are immediate and remarkable, to say the least! I’d been struggling with acid indigestion for awhile and have taken Prilosec to address the issue.  For the most part the Prilosec worked, but lately it’s gotten worse, so I decided to buy some acidolphilus, since I’d heard that helps.  I tell you, this stuff works so good that I’m going to see if I can eliminate Prilosec altogether. I’m kind of in awe over the whole thing, actually; and it makes me wonder why there’s not more emphasis on this as THE ANSWER to digestive woes.

I know that our bodies were designed to have “good” micro organisms in them, so by using acidophilus I’m putting into my body what it was designed to have in the first place to promote healthy digestion.  I’m sure that many of you have already heard about this and have been blessed by its benefits for years, but for those of you that haven’t…do yourself a favor and go get some.  You can find it at your local health food store. It costs about $11.00 for a good sized bottle.  You keep it in the frig and take 1-2 TBSP after each meal.

Hope this post is read by many, and that your days of digestive problems are over!

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Embrace the Word “No”


Have you ever known someone that has trouble saying “no” when people ask them to do something? I have one. She is  one of those beautiful people whose ability to give of herself is extraordinary.  Unfortunately she seems to be a magnet for those  that would be classified as “users.”  You know the type, they love to ask favors but seldom give favors.  They are always singing the “Me, Me, Me” aria, and never the “You, You, You” aria!

I know that much of her  giving stems from the fact that she doesn’t want anyone to ever be mad at her, but it concerns me because she sometimes will do things to the detriment of her own health.  I’ve tried to pep talk her, inspire her, and reason with her…to no avail.  It’s like she’s addicted to saying “yes.”

I’ve jokingly told her that she needs to embrace the word “no” and stop thinking of it as a negative, but the only thing my exhortation has managed to do is cause her to say “no” to me when I’m trying to bless her.  Talk about a backfire!

Maybe she needs to put a sign on her door, “If you’re here to ask a favor of me and  have asked something of me anytime within the last week, please turn around and walk away.  My open door policy and reliable  “yes” answer has now been replaced with a one “yes” per week policy.  Hope you still like me.”

Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn this type of behavior around?  I’d love to help my friend!

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