Using Birds as Inspiration for Baby Names

Do you love birds? I do, and I have often found them a source of inspiration and relaxation. They do for me, what a stiff drink does for some…leave my cares behind!

I’ve often reflected on the beautiful names birds have, and recently while doing so I thought to myself, ‘hey, why couldn’t people use some of these as inspiration for baby names?” So here is a small list I’ve come up with:


Cardinal (photo at left)

Finch (as in Goldfinch)

Hawk (especially if you have a last name that starts with “H,” like Hawk Hastings)

King (after the Kingfisher)








Egret (photo at left) (name has a nice Swedish sound to it)



Ibis (photo at left)

Mallory (after the Mallard duck)


Sora (photo at left)




Sparrow (photo at left)




Swan (photo at left)




Can you think of some other bird names that might lend themselves well to being baby names? Let’s see how many we can come up with!

For those who love to learn things on their own: Self Taught 100


About gloryjean

I’m a poet, artist, songwriter, and blogger. I’m bonkers about good biographies, persistent in my pursuit of learning French, and just plain weird when it comes to symmetry. I am a “quiet” philanthropist (or “good deed doer” according to the Wizard of Oz) who likes to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy too many things and wish I could be more focused. (Suspicions of ADD have crossed my mind!) One of my dreams is to have a library just like Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)…ladder and all! My art has been compared to Chris Riggs (for Mayor), which flatters me (of course), but I do think my style is distinctly different … hope you enjoy it!
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