Start a Help Others Jar

For a long time now I’ve held the philosophy that it’s not that hard to “give out” to others if you “give up” a little something here-and-there, and a Help Others Jar would help in the mission.

So what can you GIVE UP in order to GIVE OUT? Here are just a few things you could give up and not really miss, and if you set the money aside in a special Help Others Jar, you’ll be ready for when that special someone comes across your path.

  • Starbucks coffee or lattes
  • Dinner or lunch out
  • New clothing (that’s not needed)
  • DVDs or CDs
  • Going out to the movies
  • Pet projects that require $ but aren’t necessary (gardening, sewing, etc.)

A few dollars here and there, and before you know it you’ve got $20 or more to help someone.  Sometimes you can flag some “giving” dollars by just cutting back at the grocery store or buying some generic items versus name brands.  And of course, if you’re one of those people that money really isn’t an issue, then you’re well able to put even more aside in your Help Others Jar.

A wise and kind man once said, “what you do for the least of these, you’ve done for me.”   So take it from Jesus, when you give up some little something in order to GIVE OUT some little something, YOU’VE DONE A BIG SOMETHING!

Any thoughts about this subject?


About gloryjean

I’m a poet, artist, songwriter, and blogger. I’m bonkers about good biographies, persistent in my pursuit of learning French, and just plain weird when it comes to symmetry. I am a “quiet” philanthropist (or “good deed doer” according to the Wizard of Oz) who likes to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy too many things and wish I could be more focused. (Suspicions of ADD have crossed my mind!) One of my dreams is to have a library just like Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)…ladder and all! My art has been compared to Chris Riggs (for Mayor), which flatters me (of course), but I do think my style is distinctly different … hope you enjoy it!
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