Cyrstallize Your Vision and Move Ahead

Writing a mission statement can really give you clarity for your vision.  It’s like a crystallizing agent…it gives you a “word” to run with.

So what is a mission statement? Well, it’s one sentence that sums up either the reason for your existence (that which you believe you’re called to), or it can clarify a significant goal that you want to achieve.

Mission statements have actually been around for a very long time, but this last century brought them more to the forefront, especially with the Internet.  Everyone who has a “presence” on the Internet seems to have a mission statement.  And I would even go so far as to say that without a mission statement you won’t really complete your mission!  Why? Because it’s the thing that keeps you moving towards a target.

My personal and professional mission statement is this, “My mission is to write poems, articles, and ebooks that will inspire and benefit those that read them.”  It’s short, sweet and to the point!  But I also have a mission statement for the business end of my writing, “My mission is to work a minimum of six hours each day on my writing, and to earn a substantial livelihood from it by doing what I must do to promote my site.”

If you’d like to learn more about how to write a mission statement, go to and click on Freebies.


About gloryjean

I’m a poet, artist, songwriter, and blogger. I’m bonkers about good biographies, persistent in my pursuit of learning French, and just plain weird when it comes to symmetry. I am a “quiet” philanthropist (or “good deed doer” according to the Wizard of Oz) who likes to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy too many things and wish I could be more focused. (Suspicions of ADD have crossed my mind!) One of my dreams is to have a library just like Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)…ladder and all! My art has been compared to Chris Riggs (for Mayor), which flatters me (of course), but I do think my style is distinctly different … hope you enjoy it!
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