Embrace the Word “No”


Have you ever known someone that has trouble saying “no” when people ask them to do something? I have one. She is  one of those beautiful people whose ability to give of herself is extraordinary.  Unfortunately she seems to be a magnet for those  that would be classified as “users.”  You know the type, they love to ask favors but seldom give favors.  They are always singing the “Me, Me, Me” aria, and never the “You, You, You” aria!

I know that much of her  giving stems from the fact that she doesn’t want anyone to ever be mad at her, but it concerns me because she sometimes will do things to the detriment of her own health.  I’ve tried to pep talk her, inspire her, and reason with her…to no avail.  It’s like she’s addicted to saying “yes.”

I’ve jokingly told her that she needs to embrace the word “no” and stop thinking of it as a negative, but the only thing my exhortation has managed to do is cause her to say “no” to me when I’m trying to bless her.  Talk about a backfire!

Maybe she needs to put a sign on her door, “If you’re here to ask a favor of me and  have asked something of me anytime within the last week, please turn around and walk away.  My open door policy and reliable  “yes” answer has now been replaced with a one “yes” per week policy.  Hope you still like me.”

Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn this type of behavior around?  I’d love to help my friend!


About gloryjean

I’m a poet, artist, songwriter, and blogger. I’m bonkers about good biographies, persistent in my pursuit of learning French, and just plain weird when it comes to symmetry. I am a “quiet” philanthropist (or “good deed doer” according to the Wizard of Oz) who likes to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy too many things and wish I could be more focused. (Suspicions of ADD have crossed my mind!) One of my dreams is to have a library just like Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)…ladder and all! My art has been compared to Chris Riggs (for Mayor), which flatters me (of course), but I do think my style is distinctly different … hope you enjoy it!
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